About Bill Morton


I went to the Melbourne University and did a three year course (full time) and graduated as a Bachelor of Commerce In my Commerce course.,

I took Psychology 1. I enjoyed it so I joined the Australian Army in the Psychology Corps and became a Captain. Thi s move allowed me to continue with the study of Psychology on a part – time basis.

In the army, I did quite a lot of work on the selection of Officer Candidates and that developed my interest in personnel selection. I used Group Select ion Procedure similar that used by the USA Office of Strategic Services (OSS)

After about three years in the Army, I resigned my commission and joined the Dunlop Company . I had hopedto go into the Industrial Relations Section, but I had to settle for theTime and MotionStudySection

. Later I decided to use my accountancy knowledge and became the Accountant of a small Dunlop subsidiary – a flooring company.

I next joined a small personnel consultant company and worked with John Coghlan an old colleague from the rmy. After less than a year we both left.

Next I decided to try to combine my Psychology and Accountancy. I joined another small consulting company and worked as a Cost Accountant again for about a year.

My next change involving  joining the Shell Company. . I worked in the Audit and Methods Section

Later I transferred to a special project team to help improve productivity in Australia. Initially this project

involved a six




program in England

. The program included



in the

British Post Office

on o

ne project and then six weeks

working for Courtaulds

in Coventry

where I

studied their

Operational Research



John Coghlan



to Sydney to start his own consultancy



Eventually I left Shell and

started the Victorian Branch of J R Co

ghlan and Associates.

Some years later John Coghlan left the Company and Sam Cullen (in Sydney) and I

bought the

Company and the or

ganisation became Cullen Morton.

In my approach to consulting, I deliberately aimed to cover a wise range of

topics. I


k an interest

in marketing

and joined the Australian

Marketing Institute

. Over many years in this



, I


the positions of (a) Victorian President for two years, (b) Australian President (two years), and (c)

Chief Examiner. Eventually the Institu

te appointed me an Honorary Life Member.

My marketing consulting


market research and questionnaire design.


conducted numerous courses in various aspects of management.

As a result of trying to help

Managers to manage better, I wrote many notes

on a variety of management topics


this web

site shows.

On the sporting side, I played field hockey for fifty years. Before finishing hockey I took up lawn

bowls and I still play.