Hierarchies – People *

This post has the following hierarchies -

(a) Influence person B’s future behaviour better

(b) Improved Level of Motivation

(c) Introduction to the Person

(d) Obtain Wise Counsellors for Subordinates

(e) Reduce Labour Turnover

(f)  Reduce Labour Turnover in People who hold position X

(g) Reduce the possibility of Error X occurring again

(h) Understanding and Influencing People

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Hierarchies – Management *

This post includes the following hierarchies -

(a) Improve the Organisation’s Performance

(b) Increasing the skills of Sales Managers

(c) Plan better

(d) Reduce Labour Turnover – in People who hold Position X

(e) Use appropriate Remuneration Packages

(f) A Training Course for Sales Managers

(g) Improve the Contributions of the Board

(h) Improve Budgeting in the Organisation

(i) Introduce an appropriate Organisation Structure

(j) Introductory Session on – How to plan better

(k) Knowing and Understanding Definitions

(l) Learning to forecast and budget better

(m) Market Widgets Better

(n) Obtain Market Research Information to make wise Decisions

(o) Out of Stock

(p) Improve Budgeting in the Organisation

(q) Retention/Adoption of a selected Product

(r) Sell Desired Product Mix

(s) Senior Management Appreciation Training

(t) Improve the Contribution of the Board

(u) The possible Employment of a Business Manager for a Medical Practice

Hierarchy – Improve the Organisation’s Performance

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Hierarchies – Training and Development *

This post contains the following Hierarchies -

(a) Arranging a Training Program where Organisation Executives contribute to the Decisions on the Program Content and other major Areas

(b) Determine Training Objectives

(c) Improved Ability to conduct Role-Playing Training

(d) Improve the Organisation

(e) Learning while doing something else

(f) Objectives necessary for many Training Programs

(g)   Objectives of a Special Support Group

(h) Preparation for Coaching

(i) Production Control and Supervisors

(j) Session Objectives – Unsatisfactory Performance

(k) The Relationship of Various Training Objectives including some which relate specifically to Role Playing

(l) Training Sales Representatives through Role Playing

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Hierarchies – Conference Leading and Participating *

This post contains the following hierarchies -

(a) Evaluation of Treatment of Contributions

(b) Encouragement to Listen

(c) Group Discussion of Course Objectives

(d) Improve the Conference Leading of Course Members

(e) Know how to achieve Understanding

(f) Achieve Consensus

(g) Act as a Useful Conference Member

(h) Decrease number of Ideas

(i) Know how to achieve Understanding

(j) Obtain a Contribution

Evaluation of Treatment of Contributions

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Hierarchies – Introduction

1. Over the years, I have drawn many Hierarchies of Objectives to -

(a) record my thinking about a particular topic

(b) check the clearness of my thinking

(c) help me plan how to achieve an objective

2. Some of them may help Readers to achieve one or more of the three objectives listed above.

3. The notes – How to draw and use Hierarchies of Objectives will give much more information on this topic

Faintness of Some Hierarchies

Some parts of some Hierarchies show as faint.  Any Reader who wants more details please email me – billmorton2003@yahoo.com


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