How to make Use of the Notes

1 These notes explain some of the characteristics of the notes in the Posts on this site. They aim to help Users gain more value from the material.


2 Many of the larger notes have a summary. These occur at the end of the notes and usually start on a new page.

3 Some people like to read the summary first. However  any Reader who rates  the summary  as unclear, please go back to the original material for an expansion of the ideas.


4 A substantial proportion of the exercises which exist in the notes have had actual use in Training Programs. The ones which have extensive use (eg. the Asking Questions exercises) have had many changes. Thus they should contain few, if any , errors .

5 Most exercises rate as “self administering”; i.e. a Course Leader can hand out the exercises and ask the individual, syndicate, or group to start work on them. If anyone finds difficulty in doing the exercise or has to ask any questions we note the problem/question and re-write the exercise to try to avoid that problem happening in the future.

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