A Guideline for making Promotion Decisions

1 How do Readers feel about the following propositions:

(a) People should get promotion to a different position because of their performance in their current position.

(b) People should get promotion to a different position because of.: expectation of good performance in their future position and pot because a higher-level Manager wants to give them a reward.

2 Do Readers class these two approaches as conflicting?

3 Presumably the first statement means a high-quality performance in one position should bring promotion. However, does this point mean that the person receives a reward of promotion because of high-quality performance?

4 If not, just what factors should Managers use as the basis for deciding to promote people from one position to another?

5 The correct decision should depend on the similarity of performances required between two different positions.

6 From another viewpoint, Managers should ask: “Will a high-quality performance in one position give the Holder a high probability of perform­ing well in a different position?”

7 If it will, then people get a promotion because they performed well and/or because they performed well some aspects of the current or a previous position. However this latter point assumes that many of these “aspects” also occur in the new position.

8 Summary. Managers should promote people who will perform well in a different position because performance of similar activities in past posi­tions indicates a high probability of performing the new position well.

9 The above paragraphs do not discuss situations where Selectors believe that a candidate has potential to handle a higher-level and/or different position because of particular elements of the person and general experi­ence rather than past specific experiences.

10 Example. Harry has shown persistence, confidence, and high-intelligence in dealing with problems and gets people to work well for him. He has proved successful as the Australian Sales Manager and the Managing Director decided to risk appointing him to the position of General Manager of a Subsidiary Company.

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