How much Time should a Conference spend on listening to the Ideas of a Minority on a particular Objectve

A Conference Leader should encourage more time to learn of, and discuss, minority views.

     (a)   the greater the influence the minority Members would have on whether the Organisation/Section would achieve the particular objective.

     (b) the greater the importance of the objectives.

    (c) the greater the amount of time available – in relation to other things to do inside and outside the meeting – at that particular time.

    (d) the greater the number of hidden reasons which exist and the greater the importance of these reasons to the Organisation. These hidden reasons would not necessarily relate to the particular objective under consideration. Thus one or more of the minority may have some hidden reasons for opposing a particular objective. It will prove important to establish these reasons. They might rate as important. If Conference Leaders do not know of their existence, the Leaders cannot evaluate how much time the group should spend on these reasons.

     (e) the greater the ramifications of the Decision/Objective on other Objectives of the Organisation. This factor includes precedence. If one part of an Organisation adopts a particular objective and it affects what happens in other parts of the organisation probably it deserves greater consideration time.

      (f) the greater the resentment the minority feel if they do not have the opportunity of putting forward their ideas. Sometimes simply giving the minority some time to put their ideas and for others to listen  to them will prove sufficient to obtain their cooperation.

2 Sometimes a minority Member opposes the majority simply because of the person with the idea.

     3 Example. Tom always tends to oppose the ideas of Dick because he does not like Dick. If a Leader and/or Group gives Tom time to talk they only waste the time because it will have no effect on Tom’s opinion or Dick’s opinion. No matter what Dick or Tom say to each other they will oppose each other. Thus in the case where the objective does not rate as important and Tom does not play a major part in achieving the objective, spending time on the objective will prove useless.



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