Exercise – Conduct an Assisted Conference on a previous Session and/or Exercise.

Role for Course Member who will conduct a Group Discussion

1 Observe the group or groups which carry out the Session, Exercise, or Role Playing, etc.

2 Take notes if you believe it will help you achieve the objectives which follow.

3 Conduct an assisted group discussion which aims to achieve the following objectives –

     (a) Help the relevant people (or the person) who played a major role in the session, exercise, etc. to – Improve significantly their future performance. (Interpret the word “performance in relation to the objectives laid down for the selected person(s) in the session, exercise, etc.)

      (b) Give more attention to helping the major person or persons than helping other people involved in the session, exercise, etc.

4 Remember you must conduct an assisted discussion. If you do so successfully, the other Course Members will not know your views on any topic discussed.

5 However it will not prove sufficient to achieve an assisted discussion where the content does not help to achieve the objectives in paragraph 3 above.

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