Description of a Conference Leader


1 The following extracts (given at the close of the Course) come from actual written statements about the Leader of a Course in Conference Leading.

2 They show the great differences people can have in the evaluation of one person. In some cases almost exactly opposite views exist (e.g. 3 v 13, 7 v 12, 6 v 10, etc.).


3 Lacked sufficient depth of knowledge regarding content of the subject.

4 Perceptive.

5 Clever and quick witted in his handling of the group.

6 Abrasiveness.

7 Very fair.

8 Sense of humour.

9 Sometimes too assertive and type of humour rather unsubtle and I would prefer wit to jibes.

10 Old world charm.

11 Not sufficiently mature in approach and appeared to try to compensate by ‘bluster’ and artificially dynamic.

12 Professional.

13 Somewhat abrasive and lacking in a sense of humour.

14 Excellent conceptionalisation of the components of the tasks of leadership and participation.

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