A List of the Various Notes on Conference Leading and Participating.

A List of the Notes


A Broad View of Improving Conference Leading and Participating (3)[1]

Some Basic Parts and Processes of Conferences

Types of Meetings, Conferences, , and Contributions (9)

Some Additional Points on Contributions

An Example of Topics and Butterflying. (8)

A Basic Objective for any Conference: Consensus (5)

Some Important Elements in a Conference (8)

Some Important Parts and Processes of a Conference (7)

Stages in a Topic Discussion (25)

Some Common, Related, Discussion Topics (6)

Discussion Techniques

Discussion Techniques – Introduction (3)

Discussion Techniques – Asking Questions: Classes of Questions and when to use the Various Classes (15)
Discussion Techniques – Using the Group’s Questions and Statements and making Statements (4)

Discussion Techniques – Visual Aids (8)

Discussion Techniques – Physical Actions (2)

Discussion Techniques – Outside Distractions (2)

Planning Conferences

Planning the Conference – Broad Considerations (5)

Planning the Conference – Detailed Considerations (3)

Planning the Conference – Personal Preparation by the Leader (5)

Planning the Conference – How much Preparation should the Leader Do? (2)

Conference Leaders and Participants

The Qualities of an Effective Conference Leader (3)

Dealing with “Typical” Conference Participants (7)

Some Useful Techniques for Meetings including Conferences2

Gaining Group Acceptance (4)

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Seeking Unanimity at Meetings and Conferences (2)

A Straw Vote (1)

A Procedure for Selecting Some Items from a Larger List of Items (4)

Silence does not necessarily mean Agreement.


Evaluating the Conference (6)

Exercise – Conference Leading and Participation – Evaluation (4)

Classification of Contributions (22)

Meetings and Some Relationships between Meetings and Conferences

When should Organisations use a meeting (5)

What type of Meeting should a Group Use – Formal, Informal, or Semi Formal? (6)

Some Suggestions to Reduce the Problem: Meetings waste the time of Some Members3 (6)

Additional Notes on Conference Leading

How to chair meetings well (2)

How much time should a conference spend listening to the ideas of a minority on a particular objective?

Some Objectives for a Conference Leader.  (    )

A Role for your Conference Leader/Facilitator. (   )

Outline Points to help Improve Conference Leading. (2)

Description of a Conference Leader. (2  )

Exercise – Conduct an Assisted Conference on a previous Session and/or Exercise. ( 2 )

Observing Conferences

Practice in Observing a Conference – Seven different Roles for Observers to Play (7)


Activities to Improve a Group’s Effectiveness (7)

Another Set of Notes called “Some Ideas for Improving Meetings” exists. The notes in this other material take a similar detailed approach to the material mentioned in the previous footnote; however they concentrate on Formal Meetings.

Another Set of Notes called “Specific Techniques for Specific Situations” exists. It gives detailed help for a wide variety of situations which occur in Conferences (and Meetings).

[1] The numbers in brackets show the number of pages in the notes.

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